Multi-Purpose Lubricator

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Multi-Purpose Lubricator

Lubricator & Penetrating Oil

With 1001 uses and made from a secret formula of highly refined petroleum ingredients, Howes Multi-Purpose lubricates without evaporation and penetrates (actually permeates) leaving a protective film that will not attract dirt or dust. Howes Multi-Purpose dissolves rust, sludge and gunk while displacing water and is safe to use on almost any surface.

Available sizes:

11 oz 16 oz

WARNING: Cancer -




The go-to solution used by many national fleets to free rusted nuts and bolts, frozen brake cables, lubricate air tools, overhead doors and conveyors, ignition switches, bushings, locks and much more.



Used in factories across North America to lubricate and protect tools, cable devices, rollers and all linkage and electrical terminals. Also an excellent light cutting or tapping oil.



Used on farm machinery to lubricate and protect motor mounts, gaskets, bearings, switches and relays. Sprayed onto plows and shovels to prevent sticking. Never gets gummy and will not attract dirt or dust!



Used at marinas to clean and protect electrical connections, remove scuff marks from decks and hulls, lubricate rigging (leaving a thin protective coating). Stops salt corrosion on metal surfaces.



Mechanics use as a non-solvent battery terminal cleaner and rubber dressing, as well as a lubricant for frozen rings, sticky valves, automatic chokes and linkage. Even removes bugs, road tar or stains on rubber bumpers!

Other Features Include
  • Available as an aerosol or a liquid
  • Lubricates and protects, will not evaporate
  • Excellent bug and tar remover
  • Cleans and protects chrome
  • 100% petroleum based, alcohol free

Video Highlight

Howes Lubricating & Penetrating Oil and Its Many Uses.

“I am a part time farmer…”

I am a part time farmer and was taking the clamp-on duals off of my big tractor. They had been on for 4 years and apparently an inner tire on one of the tires had been leaking the fluid put in for weight and better traction. One of the tires came off easily but the other was corroded where the dual wheel attached. These are tires that weigh a few hundred pounds each and I tried everything to get it off, to no avail. Finally, yesterday I sprayed your Multi Purpose Lubricator and Penetrating Oil around where the outer tire attached to the inner tire and let your oil do its thing for a couple of hours. When I again tried to remove the tire, it came off easily. I was getting desperate and doubt I could have removed the wheel without your product. Thanks for a great product.

- Forrest Smith

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